L is for Laughter

Writing Wranglers and Warriors


This post by Craig Snider.

When I think back on all the best books, movies, and stories I’ve ever been exposed to, there is one thing that stands out no matter what the genre may have been. Since you’ve already read the title, you know what that thing is.

Why is it that laughter has such an impact on us? Simple. Our brains are hardwired to reward certain behaviors, like food, sex, laughter, and anything that releases endorphins. Because, when we get right down to it, our brains are like a spoiled little three year old on sugar-crack that throws a tantrum until it gets what it wants. And, when it gets what it wants, it gives you a treat to

“Oh, banana. You so funny.”

keep those things coming. Okay, so it is more like a drug dealer that will hurt you unless you try their stuff, then you…

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2 thoughts on “L is for Laughter

  1. Love it. You are very good at writing humorous blogs. “HERE’S JOHNNY” . I so want to write humorous, but it just doesn’t hapoen, and like you said, it can’t be forced. I do add some funny characters in my novels. Thanks. Cher’ley

    • Thank you Cherley. Well, I have trouble writing “subtle” comedy, as is evidenced by my most recent post. While it can’t be forced, and think it can be cultivated. Like many aspects of the arts, one has a combination of skill and talent. Even if you aren’t talented at comedy, you can still learn it to degree suitable to add it to your current writing.

      Write on!

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