Mysterious Stranger


Mysterious Stranger

If he’d known it was his last night, he wouldn’t have stayed so late at the office, working a proposal he knew would get denied. Work filled the gap left by an obvious lack of friends, family, or love interests. He didn’t mind so much, but if he’d known dying was on the agenda, he would have made some changes.

He had rushed to get home after work to watch the last episode of Pushing Daisies. It was an old show, but he’d never seen it, and he wanted to find out how it all came out. The thought of never being able to touch the person you love? How terrible. Though, he never touched anyone, much less someone he loved, so he supposed he could relate. This thought had occupied his mind so completely he didn’t notice the shadowed figure as he topped the stairs to the platform. For a moment, neither of them moved. Though the air hung slack around them, the figure’s hair flowed languorously, as if submerged in water. It was a woman in black clothes. Yet, the harder he looked at her, the more she faded. Every time he blinked, she was that much nearer. As she approached, the air around him began to chill, then turned to ice, his breath bursting out in steaming jets.

Now that she was close, her face mere inches from his own, he could see her eyes, a deep shade of blue, the entire eye. Her blue lips touched upon his, freezing them at their touch. In those last few, wonderful moments of the kiss, and his life, as he sank into darkness, he wished he had known. He would have brushed his teeth.


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