Sparkly vampires, and what I learned from Twilight

Just finished watching the final Twilight movie.

Now, before you haters, or lovers, of the books or movies get started in some heated argument, that isn’t why I’m posting. I’ve read the books, and seen all of the movies.

“Well, you must be a fan then?”

Not exactly. I had seen the first movie, then read the book for a Popular Fiction class. After that, I went ahead and read the additional three books. Here’s what I’ve learned from them.

Meyers is not a fantastic writer when it comes to her prose. But, then again, neither are many other blockbuster writers. Stephen King has never been accused of being a poet either, but his bank account is a testament to the same quality of his writing that the Twilight novels have as well: likable characters.

Yes, Edward is a twinkly prat, and Bella is irrational and irritatingly headstrong. But, I like her. I like her strength, and her determination. And, despite the melodrama, and the heavy-handed love story, I find I still kept reading. I loved the secondary characters almost more than the primary ones. Maybe I’m a sucker for cheesy stories, but that doesn’t diminish the appeal of it. It’s like a nice chocolate bar. Sure, it isn’t very good for you, but damn it tastes good for a little while.

Once we’ve finished reading a book we may remember a few well written lines, but mostly we remember characters, scenes, or plot points, not the prose itself. There is quite a bit we can learn from those who are successful at this, such as Meyers.

So, jump off that whiney high horse, because quite frankly, it isn’t a horse. It’s a donkey. Meyers isn’t even riding a horse. She rides a frickin unicorn that she had genetically engineered from all the dough she has. So, unless you are currently riding a unicorn, then stash your ego and find out what it is she is doing that’s working. (Other than plying young, witless, teenage girls with fantasy relationships that only exist on paper… I’m not bitter… where the hell is my Edward, Meyers?? Huh!? Tell me that you unicorn riding bitch!!)

Sorry. Carry on.


2 thoughts on “Sparkly vampires, and what I learned from Twilight

    • I hear you. I was extremely reluctant, but was forced to do so for class. But, I found that there was something about it I did like, and that was the characters.

      And, we can often learn the most from books we deem as failures. I have put down a book or two in my time, but I believe I may have learned more in those few chapters than I have from many books about writing.

      Thanks for reading.

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